63 million Americans vs. 3 liberal professors

63 million Americans vs. 3 liberal professors

The worst-kept secret in Washington is that House Democrats have already made up their minds about impeachment. Despite the far left’s relentless push for three years to undo the 2016 election, Democrat leaders are trying to make you believe that their process is a fair and nonpartisan one.

No American is buying that sales pitch.

It’s little wonder why. After two weeks of testimony from “fact witnesses”—most of whom had never even so much as met President Donald J. Trump—public support for impeachment has only fallen. So today, Congress called on four “legal experts” to try to give some Constitutional cover to their scheme.

 Bombshell moment: This would be the first impeachment in history without evidence of a crime.

You won’t be shocked to learn that three of these four witnesses turned out to have a lengthy history of animosity toward President Trump:

  • Prof. Pamela Karlan is a Democratic donor who suggested the 2016 election could be “illegitimate.” She first raised the prospect of impeaching President Trump in 2016—before he even took office. She’s also argued against the Trump Administration in court.
  • Prof. Noah Feldman has spent nearly 3 years calling for impeachment—for any reason you can imagine. Less than two months after Inauguration Day, Feldman was arguing for impeachment . . . because of a tweet.  He even called for impeachment because he disliked the President’s (perfectly Constitutional) use of the pardon power.
  • Prof. Michael Gerhardt spent years working for Democratic officials and campaigns, repeatedly helping Democratic senators fight to block the appointment of conservative judges and justices—including now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Zero self-awareness—that’s what it takes for House Democrats, in the midst of an effort to persuade mainstream Americans that Democrats are being fair, to call in liberal professors who are just as partisan as they are.

But there was one expert that Democrats probably wish wasn’t on the House floor today. Legal scholar Jonathan Turley, who says he isn’t a Trump supporter and didn’t vote for the President, highlighted everything wrong with Democrats’ sham process with just one line.

If you impeach this President, Turley said, “It is an abuse of power. It’s your abuse of power,” he told Congressional Democrats.

My personal views of President Trump are as irrelevant to my impeachment testimony as they should be to your impeachment vote,” he said to the House Judiciary Committee panel. “I’m concerned about lowering impeachment standards to fit a paucity of evidence and an abundance of anger.”

You won’t find a better explanation of this impeachment sham than that.

🎬 Democrats are conducting an impeachment in search of a crime.

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WATCH: President Trump wraps up NATO Summit

While Congress had its hands full today doing absolutely nothing it promised to do for the American people, President Trump represented our great country at the final day of the 2019 NATO Summit in London.

President Trump is making NATO stronger. Since he took office, our NATO allies have begun to meet his challenge and step up their collective defense spending to the tune of $130 billion more per year. By 2024, that number is set to rise to $400 billion.

In fact, one of today’s highlights was a lunch meeting with nations dubbed the “2 percenters.” That’s a reference to the 8 U.S. allies who have already met their promise of committing 2 percent of their GDPs to defense spending.

Watch: President Trump meets with “2 percenter” NATO members!

Sourced from the White House.

Source https://www.whitehouse.gov/1600daily/

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