@Dvscott81Scott @DecemberOtter @ThOmGilmOre @bdunkel @Blondweasel4tr1 @OyenPaul …

@Dvscott81Scott @DecemberOtter @ThOmGilmOre @bdunkel @Blondweasel4tr1 @OyenPaul @irishrednose @thames_tim @markkirin_ @KimPKAG2020 @AnitaStaver @Christophercsa6 @ConcernedHigh @DavidSIAHawkeye @dunning_trump @GarBear4Trump @littlestpigs @mo808_ To follow or not?
Don’t follow & we’re both weaker

Following means we unite

Uniting means we can spread messages further
We can fight in larger numbers against leftism online
We can support our @potus in HUGE NUMBERS

Vote #trump2020 and #KAG
WE WILL WIN THIS https://t.co/RmhPvDpN08

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